Owe Money Pay Money
Mature Themes

Audio: English
Genre: Documentary, Info-Ed

O$P$ - owe money pay money, a typical reminder by the Singapore loan sharks to their debtor.For a city-state that proudly boasts one of the lowest crime rates in Asia, there has been a surge in illegal money lending and problems associated with it in the last few year. Loan sharks are getting bolder, veering away from merely splashing paint on doors and walls to, now, sending bullets to borrowers in an attempt to scare them into paying up. But, worryingly for the government and the vast majority of the population who live in the public housing estates, it is becoming increasingly widespread as the economic crisis forces more people to turn to loan sharks. O$P$ is an 8-episode series about the loan shark issues in Singapore. Each episode will feature cases that will be docu-dramatised with stories based on the loan shark syndicates, foreign workers as victims, runners and gambling addicts in the grip of loan sharks. Ultimately, it boils down to the way people manage their money as loan shark problems will never end as long as there are borrowers.

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