On The Edge

Audio: English
Genre: Documentary, Education

Throughout the course of history, art has constantly evolved as man’s expression of his inner thoughts, longings and desires. For some, it is an expression of the unspeakable and the unspoken, where words fail and the intangible and sublime come into play. And for as far back as the eye can see, the celebration of these artists and their art have been the mark of a civilisation. But with the changing times, we see pockets of movements that challenge what we traditionally understand as art. They seem bent on pushing the envelope, twisting and deconstructing the fabric of the discipline from which they were born. It begs the question: What really is art ? Are these artists victims of bigotry and cultural myopia, or simply pranksters who endeavour to bedazzle and confuse with their anarchic tomfoolery ? This series examines the motivations and affectations of these art forms, placing their practitioners under scrutiny as we attempt to uncover art… On The Edge.

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