Only The Brave
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Audio: English
Genre: Documentary, Info-Ed

‘Only The Brave’ delves into the lives of people who live dangerously on a daily basis. What drives them ? What sacrifices do they make ? How can they inspire us ? Their work will make most grown men weak in the knees. They are propelled by adrenalin, and sometimes shunned by ordinary men and women. We are talking about dangerous occupations that few would dare to take on. We are talking about jobs in both Singapore and around the world, like tower crane operators, bird’s nest collectors, stuntmen, deep-sea divers, oil rig riggers and coal miners. The element of danger is enhanced by stupendous cinematography offering perspectives hardly ever seen before – mounting the camera where no man has been, for example, at the boom of a tower crane soaring 900 feet above the ground and seeing a sky scrapper from the perspective of a load (eg. a steel beam) being lifted.

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