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Audio: Malay
Genre: Drama

After losing his daughter in a kidnapping case, ex-cop Zack is a mess. He feels sick and he is drifting apart from his family. His wife Linda can sense that something is wrong but Zack keeps avoiding conversation. While looking for a job, he met Nemo a criminal lawyer and saved her son from a kidnapping attempt. She offers Zack money for his bravery but he refuses it. Nemo is intrigue by Zack, the quick thinking, the bravado and the coolness that even Zack himself doesn't realized. In Nemo’s latest case she takes on a cyber crime case (a hacker stealing product design prototype), Razali (the corporate boss) wants to sue Danny (a business competitor). He wants Nemo to help him get evidence that Danny is stealing his corporate product design. Nemo current P.I. is hospitalized and decided to quit the P.I business all together. In the end Nemo approaches Zack, asking for his help to trace the hacker and offer him as her new personal Private Investigator.

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