Peace and Prosperity 富贵平安
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Audio: Chinese
Genre: Drama

Prosperity Hall is a 50-year-old Chinese medical hall helmed by Huang Datong, who inherited the business from his father. He had intended for his second son, Huang Yuanzhe, to succeed him, but Yuanzhe passed away at a young age. Yuanzhe’s wife, Shen Ping’an, was groomed to take over. Datong is now worried he will not be able to find a heir from the third generation. Yuanzhe and Ping’an have six daughters. Datong’s eldest son, Huang Yuanhao, and wife, Lin Shuzhi, bore the only grandson, Huang Zihao, for the Huang family. However, Zihao is spoilt and decidedly self-indulgent. Unhappy Datong favours Ping’an, Yuanhao kicks up a ruckus at Prosperity Hall’s 50th anniversary celebration. Ping’an’s tomboyish fifth daughter, Zihong, clashes with him. The whole celebration is ruined. The neighbourhood residents support Datong and Ping’an. In particular, the two brothers, Xiao Fangfang and Xiao Tiantian, from the manicure shop are on their side.

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