Poetic Justice 微笑正义

It is the last day of 2012. Everyone is shocked when Yanzhi announces on air that it is her last day as newscaster. At the carpark, Huang and his men confront Yanzhi on Zhonglun’s whereabouts. When Yanzhi sees Huang’s face, the latter stabs her and runs off. Time goes back six months. Luoling is a pretty and smart host who often focuses on societal problems. She rushes off to the park when she learns that Chen Wenbao and He Guozhong are having a showdown there. Wenbao and Guozhong were involved in a case of causing grievous hurt, but Guozhong got off the hook by becoming a prosecuting witness. Wenbao has been released after seven years and wants revenge. Reporter Yanzhi is on the way to interview a bookstore owner when she and Benny witness an accident. She is angry to see Alex scolding the injured old lady and makes the latter compensate the victim with help from Lawyer Tang Zhisheng, an eye-witness.

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