Point Of Entry S2
Release date / Available from:

Audio: English
Genre: Action and Adventure, Drama, Thriller

Point Of Entry, the highest-rated one hour drama on Channel 5 in recent years, is back for a second season, with more riveting real-life inspired cases that have kept Singaporean viewers glued to their TV sets and set Netizens talking on forums.Core members of the team - leader Glenn Chua (CARL NG), veteran Cheong Guan Meng (BERNARD TAN), sharpshooter Vivian De Cruz (PAMELYN CHEE), tech expert Norah Rahmat (FADHILAH SAMSUDIN) and parkour expert Dynesh Krishnan (DEVARAJAN VARADARAJAN) - are joined by new members, martial arts expert Liu Ai Ling (JADE SEAH), valiant and charming Matthew Yong (DARRYL YONG), and ambitious go-getter Home Team liaison Kara Yeo (JAYMEE ONG). Noi (DUSITA ANUCHITCHANCHAI), stoic sister of last season's villain, Jackson (JOURDAN LEE), also makes an unexpected return. How will these characters pose new and intriguing challenges for Team Epsilon ? In its second season, Point of Entry continues to feature true life cases that educate and entertain. Viewers will gain invaluable insights through the cases of Team Epsilon, learning how the different components of the Home Team - CNB, Police, ICA, etc. - work together to ensure Singapore is kept safe and realize that their safety and security is not to be taken for granted.

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