Rebuilding Nepal
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Audio: English
Genre: Current Affairs

Rebuilding Nepal follows the lives of various characters over the period of a year following a devastating earthquake which happened on 25th April 2015. A second earthquake of similar magnitude soon followed which caused increasing fear amongst the people. Nepal's government has been criticised for its slow response following the earthquakes. For months there is no one officially in charge of the rebuilding process. While the people are trying to put their lives back together, they are suddenly confronted with a blockade along Nepal's southern border, its most important trade route. The blockade is a response by the Madhes people who living along the southern border who are not happy with the new constitutions the Nepalese government has voted in. Petrol and cooking gas soon run out. The country has also been brought to its knees. We see how people are suffering and how some people are trying to make a difference, despite the circumstances.

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