RenovAID S3

Audio: English
Genre: Home improvement, Info-Ed

While some Singaporeans are busy upgrading to bigger flats, racking our brains on the ideal home renovation, there exists a marginal group of us who don't even own a proper stove, much less the capability to overhaul their living space. According to The Straits Times report on 16/03/2006 , ".. from 1998 to 2003, monthly household incomes for those living in one- and two-room flats fell by 17 per cent and 15 per cent respectively, even as the average household income of all HDB dwellers rose by 14 per cent." It is against this backdrop that "RenovAID", a "reality-community-info-ed" series that takes a complete twist from the all too familiar renovation-related TV programs, was created in 2009. Envisioned to roll off as a regular community project, this series aimed to help the "Left Behind Class" or simply, help-deserving HDB dwellers that stays in 1,2 or 3room flats by reinventing their homes through a complete makeover of their living space, with a total waiver of the renovation fees ! In the 2 seasons of "RenovAID" we have transformed 12 selected families, and in the process, created user-friendly designs, tearing down barriers to communication and building bridges to reconnect family members. We have also rallied volunteers - from kind sponsors of furniture to helpers and packers from all walks of life. "RenovAID 3" aims to continue transforming another 5 families this time round. This isn't simply another renovation make over, this is one big revamp that aims to transform individuals, heal families and create a new start to their lives. In this new 10 episodes series, 5 families will be entitled to a renovation package of up to SGD$25,000 maximum. Each story will be told through 2 parters, each consisting of a half hour episode dedicated to document the change and reality of how the renovation revamp transform the family.Most of these families are chosen based on the unique challenges they face as a family unit, problems that go beyond bread and butter issues.As it is not possible for the program to be exhaustive in transforming all deserving families, we will select 5 arch-typical families with different sets of problems, in hope that viewers with similar unresolved issues, can gain a perspective and be motivated towards self-transformation. Based on the response we have gathered in seasons 1 and 2, this new season will focus more on "serial" hoarders - families who have a penchant for collecting and holding used and unused items in every corners of the house. Our host Belinda Lee will also play an even more active role in season 3. She will pitch in finding sponsors and solutions for some of the problems faced by the families. This is when we will see how Belinda taps on her network and knowledge to resolve tricky issues.

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