Romantic Delicacies 美食厨师男

Audio: Chinese
Genre: Drama, Romance

In the bustling city of Kuala Lumpur, two famous noodle houses stand out – Ah Ye Hokkien Mee, and Shi Jia Xiao Guan which is known for its assam laksa. Along Red Flower Road, there is a huge foodcourt chain called Island Red Cafe. The chain has been enormously successful in its conquest of various niche food markets but has been unable to break into the ones cornered by Ah Ye Hokkien Mee and Shi Jia Xiao Guan. The Chairman of Island Red Cafe, Hu Tianlan is a petty and ruthless woman. She despatches her able assistant, Shen Xiaoxin to acquire Ah Ye Hokkien Mee and Shi Jia Xiao Guan at all costs. The sweet and innocent-looking Xiaoxin arrives at Red Flower Road posing as an osteopath. Her good looks cause a stir in the neighbourhood. After her arrival, Xiaoxin plots and schemes and causes chaos and internal strife within Ah Ye Hokkien Mee. As a result, the chef Hao Zhong leaves Ah Ye Hokkien Mee and the owner Dawei goes missing. The two brothers, Ye Jun and Ye Lang turn against each other and Ye Lang later leaves in a huff to join Tianlan’s chain. Consequently, Ah Ye Hokkien Mee closes down and Ye Jun is left homeless and jobless. Muqian refuses to compete with Tianlan and once again chooses to back down. She leaves Red Flower Road with Mutong. When Xiaoxin sees the dejected Ye Jun, she is overwhelmed with guilt and regret. Her remorse towards Ye Jun gradually turns to love and she even falls out with Tianlan for his sake. 袁树伟/游达志编审/故事:林大凯. 故事大纲: 由心胸狭隘、心狠手辣、为求达到目的不择手段的胡天兰率领的红岛咖啡馆大型连锁饮食中心,多年来垄断了全马饮食市场。然而天兰偏偏在吉隆坡大红花路惨遭滑铁卢,全因大红花路有一家闻名四海的阿叶福建面。 阿叶福建面老板叶大卫获得叶家真传,练得一手精湛的制面手艺,加上厨师郝重独门的炒面技巧,让阿叶福建面名声响亮,深获顾客欢迎。大卫也因此得到街坊邻里的尊敬及爱戴。 大卫大儿子叶俊外貌俊俏、聪明机灵、口齿伶俐,是大红花路方圆百里极受欢迎的俊男子。其能言善道且圆滑的个性吸引了许多女顾客光顾,让面店高朋满座。爱面子的大卫以此儿子为傲,导致小儿子叶朗误会父亲偏心而心存不满,种下兄弟阋墙的祸因。 叶朗从小各方面表现都不及哥哥叶俊,就连个性也完全相反。他沉默又懦弱,在众人面前总显得笨拙且愚昧,造成自卑个性。 不料命运多作弄,天兰赫然发现大红花路还有一家生意极好的“施家小馆”,经营者正是天兰多年前的情敌施木倩,让天兰生起报复念头,决心向木倩展开一场报复大计。 施木倩,美若天仙、命带桃花,木倩也常为此而感到烦恼。

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