Scrum! 冲锋!

Audio: Chinese
Genre: Drama, Sports

Huang Zhaonan, a rugby coach whose team has won three matches in a row, warns her team not to cause her to lose face. Yongchun, whose mistake caused the death of a fellow police officer, is admonished by his colleagues. He is demoted and sent to Greenwood Polytechnic as an undercover agent. His assignment is to gather evidence against a gambling syndicate using students as runners. Zhaonan pushes the referee when one of her players is injured during the match. She is suspended for six months because the referee nearly swallowed his whistle during the scuffle. Zhaonan, a shopaholic, is deep in credit card debt. Left with no choice but to seek a coaching job at Greenwood Polytechnic, she has a run-in with Yongchun on her first day at work. Full Synopsis available in 8 Days

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