Sweet Tai Chi 淑女飘飘拳
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Audio: Chinese
Genre: Drama, Comedy, Romance

CMFU is the most amazing university in China. The Tai Chi department of CMFU has been gradually declining due to years of factional disputes. Feng Piaopiao who loves tai chi culture devotes herself to passing the exam of the Tai Chi department. Because of Wei Chu, she misses the exam, entering the painting department of literature institute. Under the efforts of Wei Chu and Feng Piaopiao, the Tai Chi department was gradually revitalized, attracting more and more students. Feng piaopiao and Wei Chu develops from hate to mutual appreciation. CMFU是中国最神奇大学,在CMFU学院的太极系因多年的派系之争而逐渐没落。热爱太极文化的风飘飘立志报考太极系,却因卫楚错过了考试,勉强进入文学院的书画系学习。在卫楚和风飘飘的努力下,太极系一步一步走向复兴,吸引了越来越多的学生加入。风飘飘和卫楚这对欢喜冤家,也从相看两厌发展到彼此欣赏。

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