Seeds Of Life 渔米人家

Audio: Chinese
Genre: Drama

The Shi Family farm, a land loved by the heavens, not only blessed with a bountiful supply of rice and ocean produce, but also a sense of peace and tranquility, a life without strife. Everyone who lives here knows, that trust is what is most important between humans, and that the care and support of your family is a true priceless treasure. Luo Chang He is the founder of his very own rice factory. Together with his wife Tan Qiu Mei, they brought up their two sons, hoping that they would inherit his rice factory. But the ambition of their eldest son, Luo Shi Cong and the down-to-earth attitude of their youngest son, Luo Shi Jie strikes a sharp contrast. During his secondary school years, Shi Jie suggested that his father purchase a crop planter, which greatly increased their produce. Ever since then, he received acknowledgement and support from his father, but also gained the jealous envy of his elder brother. In his eagerness to outdo his brother, Shi Cong falls in with a bad crowd and is used, signing a business deal with a Hong Kong fraudster, who fails to make good on his promised payment. 适耕庄,一个上天特别厚爱之地,除了赐给无尽的白米和海产之外,更赐给了这里人民一份平和安定,与世无争的生活,在这里生活的人都知道,人与人的真诚才是最重要,家里的关怀和支持才是无价之宝。 罗昌禾乃白手兴家的米厂创办人,和妻子谭秋媚把两个儿子抚养长大成人,一心希望两子能继承米厂,但长子罗世聪个性好高骛远,跟次子罗世杰的踏实有天渊之别。世杰在中学时建议父亲引进插秧机,大量增加了农产量,自此便矢志研究,得到父亲赏识和支持,但却惹来兄长世聪的妒忌。世聪一心要胜过弟弟而误交损友,反遭人利用,和香港骗子签定了一宗生意,谁知对方没有如期付款。世聪为了掩饰罪行,更要求苏九替其掩饰,结果雪球越滚越大,世聪唯有把一切罪名推在苏九身上,意外导致苏九心脏病发引致脑缺氧,全身瘫痪不能指证世聪的罪行。

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