Senior Management
Sexual References

Audio: English
Genre: Comedy

Retiree Joe (Laurence Wong) makes a friendly wager with his spoiled grandson, Barry (Daren Tan), that Joe can compete in today’s job market. Joe gets more than he bargained for when he and his two best friends, KJ (Ahmad Stokin) and Ramu (Mathialagan), are hired by PNS Logistics, which just happens to be Barry’s workplace. Due to a strict no-family policy, Barry and Joe must keep their relationship a secret from everyone at work including Kitty (Eugena Bey), the sales director and Barry’s love interest, Ethan (Alan Wan), Barry’s boss who dislikes the seniors, and Loretta (Caryn Cheng), everyone’s favorite no-nonsense boss. A crisis arises and Ethan uses Joe’s proposed solution during his job interview to resolve the crisis.

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