Spice Siblings 辣兄辣妹

Laksa stalls abound on the Katong Street lined with famous eateries, and the well-established 'Wen's Laksa' is one of them... Wen He, the eldest son in the Wen family, returns to Singapore after a 13-year stay in Britain, with his daughter in tow. Unbeknown to all, Wen He is counting his days, having contracted bone cancer, and the reason for his return is to have someone take care of his daughter. Things are messy when Wen He first takes over the stall, but he soon gets the hang of the trade with everyone at the coffeeshop helping him, especially Ding Zhenzhu who harbours special feelings for him. Wen He has feelings only for Wen Qing, whom he can only secretly love in his heart. Wen He is actually not Wen Shui’s flesh and blood. Wen He’s ex-wife returns to Singapore to bring Wen He’s daughter back to Britain. But the Wen family will not allow her to take the young child away. She then spills the beans about Wen He’s cancer. Not long after, Zhenzhu discovers she is pregnant. How is Wen He going to handle the love triangle ? And will he survive his illness ?

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