Soul Sisters

Audio: English
Genre: Reality

Emily Teng quit her radio DJ job in 2012 to be a full time world change agent. World change agents are ordinary people who want to do extraordinary things .. who want to change the world for the better. Blessings In A Bag is a social enterprise she started since 2007. With local NGO partners in the Philippines, Indonesia and Cambodia, Emily works with her volunteers to collect specific items needed for the basic needs of children and women in impoverished communities. They also set up drop off points in Singapore and other countries for people to make donations. Her passion for this social enterprise saw Emily quitting a well paid job and run Blessings In A Bag full time but Emily believes there are other youths like her willing to be world change agents. While she has quit her job, space for her social enterprise‚ donated items remains a big challenge, especially in landscarce Singapore. She has had to move warehouse numerous times due to limited leases and sponsorship. This time, their warehouse will be torn down this year. She must find a way to move out and find another space in time. Bridget Tan does what few people would consider doing with their CPF money. She has dedicated her life to running HOME (Humanitarian Organisation for Migration Economics) a centre to help migrant and domestic workers. There are courses and activities for local domestic workers to learn and upgrade their skills. HOME also has a shelter for domestic workers who are victims of abuse while their cases are being investigated and their employment status is in limbo. To date, HOME has assisted more than 50,000 migrants and victims of human trafficking and forced labour. As someone who felt a calling from God to serve, Bridget strongly believes in her mission to help where she can and not only in Singapore. Since 2009, she has helped set up migrant centres in the Philippines and Indonesia.

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