Spice Up 幸福料理

Audio: Chinese
Genre: Drama, Food, Romance

A restaurant selling western food called Charlie’s Angel was located in Holland Village. It sold delicious food and was started by an old couple called Charlie and Angel Lim. They started it together when they returned from their studies in Australia. Their son, Howard and his wife Su Fei Fei were managing it together with their mother, as Charlie had passed away. Their only regret was that Howard and Fei Fei’s offspring was a daughter and not a son, named Yu Nan. Yu Nan loved to eat but not cook, and was used to being waited upon hand and foot. She had very sensitive taste buds and was able to discern ingredients in a dish easily, in addition to being talented in cooking. 位于荷兰村的CHARLIE’S ANGEL是一家有特色的西餐厅,一直秉持着让客人“吃在嘴里,幸福在心里”的宗旨。摩登奶奶美娇(ANGEL LIM)是餐厅的创办人,当年和老公CHARLIE从欧洲学习归来后,在本地开设的。儿子HOWARD子承父业,娶了贤惠的老婆苏霏霏,一家四口同心协力把西餐厅搞得有声有色。父子俩唯一的遗憾是第三代餐厅继承人是个女孩,名字叫余男。

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