Spirits of Asia
Audio: English
Genre: Info-Ed

Could the world's largest ice wine production actually be in Asia ? Join host, Paul Foster, TV presenter, actor and traveller, as he discovers the exciting scene of alcohol production and appreciation in the travelogue series, Spirits of Asia.From visiting emerging to outstanding vineyards, distilleries, and breweries, to speaking and hobnobbbing with aficionados and connoisseurs, Paul learns how age-old traditions and innovation merge to produce extraordinary Asian beer, wine, or spirits. The right climate, geography, ingredients, and even well-guarded recipes and methods all come into play in creating a drink worthy of a toast.Whether its an expensive shot in a fancy glass, or a traditional drink in a humble cup that has fuelled generations, Paul learns how alcohol appreciation in Asia is very much an art as it is a bonding culture, with welcome presence especially during get-togethers and celebrations. Raise a toast then, in the Spirits of Asia !

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