Sports@SG S1
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Audio: English
Genre: Sports

Have you ever wondered what it is like to be an elite athlete? Curious to know what goes on behind the scenes at a major sporting event? Who are Singapore's "Hot Bods"? What is their sporting lifestyle and secret to achieving that lean mean figure? Need advice on training for a marathon or tips on how to get the golf ball further down the fairway? The answers and more on this brand new sports programme. Hosted by seasoned presenter Kui Jien and MediaCorp artiste Jade Seah, Sports @ SG is a one-stop guide to all there is about sports in Singapore, the best of local sporting action and the latest in the international sporting arena. Joining them on the field is veteran sports presenter and commentator, Paul Sng. Not just a show for sports junkies, Sports @ SG gets up-close-and-personal with sporting personalities and brings viewers the drama and the inspirational moments that only sports can inspire. Each week, Sports @ SG will showcase a mix of feature sports stories, and a round-up of international sports news. Meet our very own local sporting personalities up-close-and-personal in "Spotlight" and find out what they are like in and outside the sporting arena.

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