Start Up ! 创 !

Audio: Chinese
Genre: Drama, Romance

A story set on the premises of entrepreneurship and tech start-up companies. It charts the journey of a budding entrepreneur, Yin Xuan (Rebecca Lim), who fights to succeed despite disapproval from her family. She works alongside Qi Cai (Tay Ping Hui), who goes all out to assist her in her business start-up. With sudden implications of an accident that happened 12 years ago, will Yin Xuan succeed or lose her love ones to the emotional battle ? Yin Xuan is a budding entrepreneur with a passion for technology. She used to have a complete family but after her father passed away, it changed her life. She is often left to fight for her survival until she met Qi Cai (Tay Ping Hui), Sun Shao (Zhang Zhen Huan) & Doobie (Kate Pang). Are they there to lend her a hand, or shove her nearer to danger ? Qi Cai is a divorcee and lost his career to alter ego years ago. Determined to start afresh, he befriends Yin Xuan (Rebecca Lim) and tries to push her entrepreneurship to success. Little does he know, that this battle involves dealing with his darkest secret. Will falling in love with Yin Xuan make any difference ? Sun Shao lost his parents when he was a child and grew up to be a playboy. Determined to prove that he has the brains, he tries to assist Yin Xuan (Rebecca Lim) in getting funds for her entrepreneurship. He fell in love with her but got entangled with a scandal that went viral on social media. It involves Dobbie (Kate Pang) who admires Sun Shao. Your girl-next-door. The typical harmless character whom you have no guard against. Doobie meets her long-lost classmate Yin Xuan (Rebecca Lim) and joined her company there after. She is in love with Sun Shao (Zhang Zhen Huan) but her feelings were toyed with because Sun Shao's heart lies with Yin Xuan. Will she give up love for friendship ?

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