Stepping Out 出路

Audio: Chinese
Genre: Drama

Adapted from a historical book, stepping out is a nostalgic drama which depicts the lives and struggles of early fujian immigrants in Singapore. Amongst them – RED BEAN, the strong willed boat girl who shaved her head bald in protest of an arranged marriage; CHEN XIA, the ambitious village lad who eloped with RED BEAN in hope of making his mark in Singapore; LIU MEI, the gang leader who severed all ties with the underworld for the love of RED BEAN; HAI YAN, the ill-fated concubine who trampled a bed of burning charcoal to prove her innocence; LIN BAO TIAN, her lovelorn admirer whose success comes through sheer hard labour; ZHANG JIA FU, the good-for-nothing son forced into hardship when cheated of his family fortune; and his courageous wife AH JU, who stood by him through thick and thin. Throw together a stellar cast, heartfelt performances and a nostalgic plot with scene shots of Fujian, STEPPING OUT is set to inspire audiences with its genuine portrayal of values, morals and determination of Chinese entrepreneurs who find solace and success in a foreign land.

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