The Joymakers 幸福方程式
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Audio: Chinese
Genre: Info-Ed

In Singapore, when death comes calling for those without money nor family, an elderly Samaritan steps in to help with their funeral arrangements free of charge but he is not an undertaker. What prompts this senior citizen to lend a hand to strangers he has never met, no matter their race or creed? 当死亡到来的那天,一个人假如没有家人又有经济困难,他的后事该怎么办? 在新加坡,就有一位年长者多年来免费替无依无靠的老人处理后事,但他并不是殡葬业者。究竟是什么原因让他不分种族、不分信仰,愿意为素未谋面的人倾心付出?

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