Three Wishes 三个愿望

Greed rules it all in this mystery drama which explores the spell of three wishes which seems impossible to break. Yao Zong (Thomas Ong), an assistant horse trainer who is not doing well in his career, is inadvertently sucked into its realm. Despite being bullied at work, he puts up a brave front daily to preserve the respect from his family. But one night, in a drunken stupor, he bumps into an old woman who grants him three wishes. He is skeptical but uses them anyway when he faces difficulties in his life. When he realises that the wishes do indeed come true, he wants more. 在这个充满神秘色彩的电视剧中,贪婪统治着一切,本剧讲述了看似无法打破魔法的三个愿望。耀宗(王沺裁饰演),是一名事业不顺的助理驯马师,他在不经意间被魔法控制着。尽管工作中受尽欺负,可为了在家人面前保留尊严,他仍然每天勇敢面对。但是一天晚上喝醉酒后,他迷迷糊糊中碰到一位老妇人,这个老妇人答应满足他三个愿望。他对此非常怀疑,但生活中遇到困难时他仍然使用了这些愿望。当他意识到愿望真的可以实现时,他想要更多愿望。

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