Through It All 海的儿子

Through It All tells of a heartrending story between two brothers - Xianghai and Yihai, where life plays a big joke on them, but through all the adversities and misunderstandings, they only emerged stronger and found a bond between them that is indestructible. Xianghai who is the elder son, grew up in a small fishing village in Malaysia with his parents and younger brother Yihai. The two brothers are inseparable, even when they leave home to embark on a new life in Singapore - Xianghai as a chicken rice stall helper and Yihai as a tour guide. A chance encounter led the brothers to run into their childhood playmate, Qianyun, whom eventually fell in love, but Qianyun fancies Xianghai. Qianyun's father, Huang Baiwan reunites with his illegitimate daughter Anqi who falls in love with Yihai after working with him. She is jealous of the affection and attention that Yihai showers on Qianyun, and gangs up with Ciming, Qianyun's long-time suitor, to take revenge. She ends up causing the two brothers' relationship to sour, Xianghai to feel crushed and down in the dumps, Baiwan to end up paralyzed and Qianyun in a coma. After going through life's trials and tribulations, will love and kinship be able to take them through it all ?

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