Thumbs Up! Senior 学长学姐好样的!
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Audio: Chinese
Genre: Variety, Infotainment

"Thumbs Up! Senior" is a brand-new programme on how students from various tertiary schools put their skills and theories to test. They are tasked to assist new entrepreneurs or business person who faces problems in their business. Each episode will feature an entrepreneur's story, business model/products and what assistance is required from the students. Students will try to think of solutions that can help the businesses, under the guidance of the mentors. 学长学姐好样的!募集来自不同大专学府热情洋溢的在籍学长学姐走出校园,深入了解各行各业创业者的挑战与坚持,看看学长学姐们能不能学以致用发挥所长,为创业者停滞不前的生意注入新活力、带来新转机?同时,是什么推动这些创业者不遗余力为生意奔波?为什么他们这么努力,结果却未必尽如人意?由学长学姐和筑梦创业者交织成一篇篇激励人心的故事都在这里!

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