Tales Of 2 Cities

Audio: English
Genre: Documentary, Info-Ed

Singaporean Caroline Wong Shrestha has been married to a Nepalese husband since 2012. She takes us around to the places close to her heart in Kathmandu, the capital city, and the countryside of Nepal, where her in-laws live. Meanwhile, Ran Rana, a Nepalese who has lived in Singapore for 31 years, shows us how he has fully embraced his life in the Lion City. First up, Caroline travels with her husband Wilson Shresta to the countryside of Nepal to feed the pigs in her in-laws’ farm, while Ran tells us how he tapped into his own experience of adapting to Singapore’s work culture to help other foreign workers assimilate into Singapore. Caroline then tells us how she met Wilson, her Nepalese husband, and how they fell in love because of their common love for music. Ran shares how his love for white river rafting in Nepal evolved into dragon boating in Singapore. Even though Caroline and Ran have sunk their roots in their adopted cities, they still hold onto the culture and values of their home countries. Caroline receives moon cakes and a video message from her family and reminisces about the celebration of the Mid-Autumn Festival in Singapore, while Ran attends the yearly Teej Festival, a Hindu Festival that celebrates the well being of spouses and children, together with the vibrant Nepalese community in Singapore’s Little India.

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