The Best Things In Life 五福到

Audio: Chinese
Genre: Drama

Wufu is a kind-hearted and joyful orphan. He was adopted by a kind fisherman and his wife, who have three other daughters. The three girls left for Singapore upon reaching adulthood and subsequently married and settled down there. Wufu, a man with simple needs, is the only one left to care for his parents and to help them in their work. As he is already 35 years old, his parents are anxious for him to leave the fishing village to eke out a career of his own. They also hope that he will be able to settle down and have a family of his own. However, once Wufu leaves the idyllic and laidback fishing village for a big cosmopolitan city, his naivety and trusting ways land him in many awkward situations, often with hilarious results. Wufu’s eldest sister, Jiaxin, is a go-getter. She holds three jobs to maximize her earning potential. Besides being a workaholic, Jiaxin’s other obsession is making sure her only daughter excels in her studies. Jiaxin invests a large part of her savings in the financial market, leading to major losses when the global crisis hit. As it was her younger sister, Jiayi, who had encouraged her to invest, Jiaxin bears a grudge against her. As a result, the two sisters fall out with each other. Wufu is caught in their feud and tries to help. Unfortunately, he bungles and makes things worse. His interference only sees Jiaxin fall out with her husband, Jiayi’s wedding ceremony wrecked, and even his third sister’s career and love life almost ruined. The girls try ways and means to get rid of Wufu. However, at the end of the day, Wufu's sincerity and steadfastness touches them. The Best Things in Life is a touching drama with a theme of the importance of family ties. It also highlights some current and immediate social concerns in a lighthearted manner, which is easy to relate to, and pokes fun at some of our society's idiosyncrasies.

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