The Coffee Shop S2 浓浓咖啡乌2

It's the Lunar New Year and everyone at Da Si Mei Coffeeshop gathers for the traditional 'lo hei' (Yusheng). Somewhere beneath this celebratory mood brews the animosity between Yuyan (Liu Qiulian) and Aizhen (Tracer Wong), Liu Shen's secret about her ex-secret society son as well as Mingcai's (Liu Qianyi) plot to take over the coffeeshop. Mingcai is a convicted litter-killer and has his flat confiscated by the HDB. Faced with no choice, Mingcai and his wife Aizhen and daughter Lifen move into Jin Tu's (Qian Zhigang) place. Jintu simply abhors Mingcai, his brother-in-law, but for the sake of his wife Lifeng (Li Nong), he puts up with it. Lishan (Le Yao) finds out that the academically inclined Shulian (Wang Deyuan) is holding a torch for Shuyun (Vivian Lai) and teases them about it. However, she too, falls for Shuilian and the 3 get embroiled in a love triangle. Jinbao (Nick Shen) is just an idler as his father, Jin Tu. He does dream of becoming his own boss but he often ends up losing his money. Still, the fighter in him makes him even more determined to succeed. When Lifeng learns that Jin Tu has been going for his social dance sessions at the Community Club to ogle at the pretty teacher, the former leaves for Australia in a fit of anger. As Jin Tu wants to enter the social dance competition, he hands over the management of the coffeeshop to Aizhen. Little does he suspect that the scheming couple already has plans to steal from the coffeeshop. Meanwhile, Jin Hua (Xiang Yun) is back from Hongkong with Wen Juan (Huang Yiliang). Her daughter Shuyun who has been staying with Jin Tu and family is resentful towards her mother until Wen Juan reveals that she has breast cancer. Jin Bao is conned into investing in Longan trees and he's so convinced that he has hit gold this time, he gets everyone in the coffeeshop too invest as well. When it turns out to be a scam, everyone harasses Jin Tu for compensation, who then dies of shock...Will Jin Bao learns his lesson ? Will be wrestle back the coffeeshop from his uncle Mingcai ? Will he win the girl he loves ?

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