The Dream Makers 志在四方

Audio: Chinese
Genre: Drama

Zhou Weiyun, Head of Variety, is thrilled when her boyfriend, Zhiming, leaves a message saying he can have lunch with her on Valentine’s Day. Zhu Kangli is the Senior VP of the Drama Unit. She is married to a plastic surgeon, Jianguo, and they have a son, Naonao. Reminding Jianguo about Valentine’s dinner, Kangli orders the maid to return by 5pm to take care of Naonao. Fei’er is a junior artiste at the television station and her boyfriend, Jason, is an ad director. She worries about his habit of changing his mind and annoying the producer. When given a role with more lines, she is pleased. Kangli takes the bus with Naonao and sees Fei’er with Jason. Fei’er pretends not to see her when Naonao creates a din. In the make-up room, Fei’er is ignored by the staff. The popular Xie Liuxin turns up, and everyone fusses over her. Weiyun, who is 42 years old, thinks Zhiming is about to propose to her.

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