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Audio: Chinese
Genre: Drama

On the glitzy stage, Xu Wenhui readies her troupe to compete against their rival. Su Xiaoxiao enters in a wheelchair. To her it is sweet consolation that Wenhui is there to hold the fort. Looking at Wenhui reminds her of the past. Wenhui has just released a new album. She is embroiled in an affair with the wealthy Mr Ma, and Mrs Ma attempts suicide as a result. Wenhui’s foster father- cum-manager, Jinlong, is concerned about the impact this controversy will have on album sales. At a press conference, Wenhui admits to the affair, but denies taking any money from Mr Ma. Her boss, Jason, is upset with her for tarnishing her own image. Mr Ma leaves the hospital with his wife and accuses Wenhui of cooking up a story after having a meal with him. This synopsis was first published in 8 Days.

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