The Noose Uncut S6
Release date / Available from:

Audio: English
Genre: Comedy, Variety

Since 2007, Singapore’s elite news program The Noose stands ready to pound the ground to bring you the stories, reactions and analysis that no other news team on the island is capable of. What’s more, in this upcoming season, we will be giving viewers the chances to be part of the Noose family in Are You Noose Enough ? It will be a season of change and new beginnings, featuring our newly acquired weapon of mass media destruction, Xinhua Hua (Alaric Tay) who will partner with B.B.See (Chua Enlai) on set for a fresh new take on issues that you should think about. On the ground, the team will be bolstered by correspondents See YanYan (Judee Tan) and Henderson Pooper (Suhaimi Yusof), a well-seasoned beefcake thrown into the most treacherous war zones of the world.

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