The Queen 复仇女王
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Audio: Chinese
Genre: Drama

Ni Qiao Wen (Apple Hong) has always been a blessed woman in her friends’ eyes. However, things took a bad turn after three years into her marriage. Her husband unexpectedly returns home with his mistress and chases her out the house. The next day, both parties meet up to get a divorce. Qiao Wen refuses to sign the papers. The divorce lawyer, Guan Xin, (Jesseca Liu) asks her to sign the papers immediately and stop wasting everybody’s time. Qiao Wen is angered by Guan Xin’s nonchalance and storms off angrily without signing the papers. Qiao Wen boards a taxi and tells the driver to send her to the beach. The driver Zhang Xiao Feng (Priscelia Chan) asks Qiao Wen if she is thinking of committing suicide, adding that suicide is not the solution to her problems. Xiao Feng then let Qiao Wen know all about an organization known as the “Revenge Queen” before passing her a name card. After Xiao Feng drops her off, Qiao Wen decides to call the hotline to join the “Revenge Queen”. "The Queen” is made up of Wu Kai En (Jayley Woo), Zeng Jing Yi (Vivian Lai), Zhang Xiao Feng and lastly, a secret leader. Everyone in the team has a special trait that helps in executing the plans of “Revenge Queen”. Will the “Revenge Queen” be able to help Qiao Wen regain her own confidence and take revenge on her husband ? These women have been hurt and betrayed by their former lovers and join the organization to seek vengeance. In the process, they unintentionally offended a criminal organization and were falsely accused of murder. How are they going to get themselves out of this sticky situation ? Who is the mastermind behind “Revenge Queen” ? Lastly, will they be able to find the happiness that they have been looking for ? 倪巧雯(洪乙心)是朋友眼中的幸福女人。没想到,老公带小三回家,将她赶出家门。隔天,老公约了她去律师楼办离婚。巧雯说不要离婚,但办理离婚的是关欣(刘子绚)要她别浪费时间。她没签字就怒气冲冲的离开。 巧雯告知女司机张晓风(曾诗梅)要去海边。晓风问她不是想不开吧?巧雯没回答,只是要晓风赶紧去海边。晓风告知她自杀是最差劲的办法,并递上一张名片。晓风说当时幸好遇到了“复仇女王”,希望巧雯能作出明智的选择。巧雯拿出手机,拨通了“复仇女王”的电话。 到底组成“复仇女王”的隐秘“首领”,吴凯恩(胡佳琪),张晓风与曾静宜(赖怡伶)。在组织里,被个人都会扮演着重要的角色,以她们各自的才能来实施“复仇女王”的报复行动。她们能佛帮助巧雯讨回公道,想前夫报复呢? 这些女人和巧雯一样,曾受过爱情的创伤,也被情人背叛,所以加入“复仇女王”,希望能够像旧情人报复.有一次,她们得罪了犯罪组织,被他们嫁祸成为了杀人案的嫌犯!她们该如何解决眼前的危机呢?â...

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