The School Nationals

Audio: English
Genre: Sports

The School Nationals is an exciting new sports programme that puts the local school sports scene on centre stage. It aims to get Singaporean excited about school sports and the youths in sports. In the Round-Up segment we showcase the National School Sports Championships across all three divisions (A, B and C), with coverage on all 26 sports. It will keep Singaporeans updated about the latest results of interschool championships and the achievements of school athletes. The programme also amis to give school athletes greater exposure via the segment, Upstarts. This segment will feature a different young athlete each week. Viewers will get to find out more about these promising young athletes - learn about their passion for sports, how do they strike a balance between sports and academic work; and what do they aspire to achieve in sports. Check out the Match-up segment to catch some fun and lighthearted sporting moments as we pit a top school athlete against a national athlete from the same sport.

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