The Social Experiment
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Audio: English
Genre: Current Affairs

The Social Experiment is a unique 5 part series that aims to examine the behaviour of regular Singaporeans. Presented by Steve Lai, Channel News Asias new 5-part magazine style documentary series, The Social Experiment, will find out by attempting the to decipher Singaporeans behaviours. In each episode, well identify one example of commonly observed behaviour in Singapore; attempt to explain and evaluate it; and interpret why it matters in society.' Therell be a volley of tools to rely on to achieve all three goals - expert advice from a resident psychologist and other professionals, a list of crafty social experiments to carry out, hidden cameras, rigged sets and an army of actors ready to pose as profiles. Staged and recorded social experiments, graphical elements, and interview and vox pop segments will bring our findings in each episode across in a quick and dynamic way.

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