The Sword And The Song 绝代双雄

Audio: Chinese
Genre: Action and Adventure, Drama

After the downfall of the Tang dynasty at the end of the 10th Century, China becomes disunited. Five dynasties appear in succession, including the Liang, Tang, Jing, Han and Zhou, within a short period of 53 years. Ouside Central China, there are 10 other states. They are Wu, Chu, Meng, Nan Tang, Qian Zhu, Hou Zhu, NAn Han, BEi Han, Wu Yue and Xing Nan. That period is often reffered to as "Wu-Dai-Shi-Guo". Wars often break out during that period. The country, Nan Tang, is then occupying the Jiang Huai region. The Nan Tang general, Li Jingsui (played by Yang Junhe), leads his soldiers to attack Chu together with his officer Huang Pu Jixun (Zeng Yaofeng). The Chus are unable to fight the Nan Tang soldiers and the capital, Chang Sha, falls into the enemy's hands. Realising that the Tang soldiers are approaching, the Chief Officer of Chu, Huang (Liang Baozhu) and his wife (Chen Meng) quickly entrust their daughter, Baoyi (also called Feng Er) to their subordinate, asking him to escort her out of the country safely. Mrs Huang is reluctant to part with her daughter. Though Huang loves Feng Er too, he does not want to see her in danger and hastens his subordinate to leave with her.

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