The Truth Seekers 真探
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Audio: Chinese
Genre: Drama

Veteran police officer, Bai Qing Xiong (Chen Han Wei), forms an agency called CCI which aims to crack unsolved cases. Through this agency, he hopes to give a proper closure to family members of the victims. He is a righteous man who is confident that all criminal will not escape the law. The CCI uses unorthodox methods to search for clues which eventually led them to the truth. There are many clashes among the team during the investigation process but sparks also flew among young members, Huang Yu Yang (Rebecca Lim), Hong Jun Yan (Desmond Tan) and Lan Hui Feng (Yusuke Fukuchi). The trio soon find themselves entangled in a love triangle. Each time the team manage to solve a case, they are also reminded of their own mystery past. It seems that Qing Xiong, Yu Yang, and Jun Yang each have a secret from the past which they are unable to let go of. Eventually, they all decide to work together to investigate their own mystery cases. Can they solve the cases and finally let go of the past ? 一名资深警探白庆雄 (陈汉玮)成立了“悬案侦探社”CCI,以私家侦探的方法,协助委托人调查悬案,让他们能释怀。而以为自己逍遥法外的罪犯也难逃制裁。CCI运用各种方式,寻找遗漏的疑点,拼凑当年的真相。合作的过程中,大家意见不同,历经磨合,却也擦出爱的火花,使黄渝阳(林慧玲)、洪俊焱(陈泂江)、蓝海峰(福地祐介)陷入三角恋。 四人组合侦破一起又一起悬案的同时,也勾起他们心中的痛。原来庆雄、渝阳、俊焱各自都一起悬案压在他们的心头。他们最终面对自己的过去,合作调查案件。他们能解开这多年来的谜团吗?

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