The Ultimatum 双子星

Years ago, Ye Song Nian, the boss of Phoenix Corporation, raped his employee, Zheng Wen Yu, who was already pregnant with her husband's child at that time. Months later, both Wen Yu and Song Nian's second wife, Su Zhen, give birth to daughters in the same hospital and due to the nurses' negligence, the identities of the baby girls were swapped. Wen Yu discovers that her biological daughter suffers from congenital heart disease. Out of a mother's desire for her child to receive the best medical care coupled with hatred towards Song Nian, she decided to capitalize on the situation by perpetuating the mistake. Thus, Ye Yu Chen and Fang Song Qiao, whose identities were swapped, grew up in two disparate environments. In his old age, Song Nian goes into semi-retirement, having handed the running of his company to his god-sister (Jiang Ruo Lin) and sons (Ren Xiao and Ren Yi). Ruo Lin's son, Ren De, works in Song Nian's company. Yu Chen also holds the position of an AVP. On the surface, the family seems to be a harmonious. However, beneath this facade, everyone is eying Song Nian's position, clamouring to gain Song Nian's favour so that they might be entrusted with an important role in the company. Having grown up in such a scheming and manipulative environment, Yu Chen's survival instincts are honed. Song Qiao's childhood, on the other hand was filled with unhappiness. Wen Yu vents her hatred towards Song Nian on her. She was often scolded and beaten for every little mistakes made. Song Qiao bears with it in silence and grows up to be a lawyer. When Song Qiao was young, she had an extraordinary encounter with a boy, Sun Jie. Sun Jie's father, Sun Nan Hai, had been a conman and was made a scapegoat in a kidnap. The young Sun Jie resorted to theft to support his younger sister, Sun Min, until he became Song Nian's foster son. He and Yu Chen get along very well. Over 20 years later the girls, whose identities had been swapped at birth, get acquainted through a molest case.

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