The Unbeatables S2

When The Unbeatables was first unleashed in ’93, the gambling serial hit jackpot, clinching the highest rated drama for that year. In this sequel, the stakes are even higher with no expenses spared. From extravagant studio sets to location shoots in the gambling capitol of the world, Las Vegas. The saga continues with more captivating plots revolving around fame, fortune, love and betrayal, and the quest of the best to be Number One in the gambling world.这部集合了赌术,千术,爱情,友情及亲情的超级倾力之作,制作耗资庞大,远赴美国拉斯维加斯赌城实地取景。为了让观众大饱眼福,新传媒礼聘香港著名赌术指导汪道海前来设计多场叹为观止的赌术场面和电脑科技画面。在场景和服饰上,新传媒也抛下重金,务必让观众能欣赏到华丽宏伟的效果。至于演员阵容方面更是空前鼎盛,除了有新传媒阿姐郑惠玉,阿哥级的李南星及周初明,还有香港性格男星于荣光和曾江前来助阵。故事源自世界各方的赌术高手再次聚集于珊瑚岛上一较高低。赌王言飞赫然出现,却破坏警探伟成和神秘女子悦芳的婚事,指出悦芳乃当年威震四海千王龙庭光的女儿。

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