The Unbeatables S3 双天至尊 3

It has been eight years since Luo Qifang gambled with Xiufeng. When the latter died, Qifang was sentenced to life imprisonment. Since then, Yan Fei has been doing charity work. At the opening of a new hospital he has built, Nurse Jiang Yexue is exhilarated when he presents every doctor and nurses with a gambling chip as souvenir. Yexue's brother, Luoqi, has used her name to borrow money to gamble. She too decides to try her luck at the casino. Luo Shunfeng arrives at the casino to challenge Yan Fei, but the latter is out visiting his wife. Yexue loses her bet with Shenfeng and is nearly forced to spend the night with him when Yan Fei returns. He leaves again when told Qifang has been attacked in her cell. Qifang escapes death with help from Yingfeng. Both she and Yan Fei fall into the sea when their helicopter explodes. Synopses taken from 8 DAYS

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