The Winning Post

Audio: English
Genre: Reality, Variety

The Winning Post is a 4-episode reality series which will pit six teams against each other in an exciting race that will culminate in one team winning the grand prize of $30,000. The race will see participants, working in teams of two, discover the history and activities of the Singapore Turf Club (STC) through a series of challenges that will be both mental and physical. The journey for the teams will start at Race Course Road, the first home of the STC and course its way to Bukit Timah and finally to the Singapore Racecourse at Kranji, its present home. Each week, the contestants will have to unravel clues related to the club, and take part in interesting challenges like saddling a model horse, locating specific facilities at the club, and horse shoe tossing. The series will begin with six teams. In the first three episodes, one team will be eliminated at the end of the show, leaving just three teams to battle it out for the grand prize in the final episode. The Winning Post is hosted by actor/model Paul Foster of Polo Boys fame.

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