The Winning Team 飞跃巅峰

Audio: Chinese
Genre: Drama, Sports

A fire that occurred in 1970 caused two newborn baby girls Ding Hui (played by Chen Liping) and Fang Mei (played by Chen Xiuhuan) to have their identities switched. The two girls grew up in the same orphanage. Ding Hui and Fang Mei were team mates in the famous Orchid Alumni Volleyball Team, where the strong headed Fang Mei is the captain while Ding Hui willingly remains as a long-term reserve player...Ding Hui grows up in an orphanage and aspires to be a physical education teacher. Fang Mei’s father (Li Wenhai) is the volleyball coach; she too wants to be a PE teacher.Ding Hui’s landlady (Wang Xiuyun) tries to matchmake her son Heping (Sean Say), a lorry driver, with Ding Hui. But He Ping prefers Fang Mei instead and Ding Hui decides to sacrifice herself to help Heping court her buddy.Ding Hui injures her wrist and has to withdraw from the volleyball team. She also meets her father (Qian Qigang) who abandoned her at birth. He now wants her to earn money to support him, so Ding Hui becomes a flower shop salesgirl. But she hasn’t given up her volleyball career yet.The Winning Team is about two female volleyball players who are determined to make it good in the game. Two lead roles are played by Chen Liping and Chen Xiuhuan, both of whom should be vying for top places in a popularity survey to be carried out early next year.The two girls portray school-leavers who play volleyball in their school alumni team. The team also consists of skillful volleyball players used in cameo roles.Also in the team is the athletic Hu Shuxian, who together with Liping, used to be school representatives in the sport.Look out for lots of volleyball action. There are spikes, blocks, set-ups, diving saves and even the “jump service”, which only the best players can execute. Watch how Liping, a right-hander, struggles with her left hand after she injures her right wrist in the show.

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