There Was A Time S2

Audio: English
Genre: Documentary, Info-Ed

On 9th August 1965, a conflict in ideology culminated in the secession of Singapore from Malaysia. Many believed we would not survive. Left with one and a half battalions to defend the newly formed nation against foreign aggressors as well as threats from within, topped with pressing economic issues, Singapore was nowhere near what she is today. The beginning of a new decade concurrent with the influx of Hippie culture, Singapore once again saw the return of rampant drug use. This time, it was only taking turn for the worse. Led by Singapore gangsters and fugitives, Ah Kong became one of the world’s largest drug syndicates whose notoriety lasted throughout the 70s. In the same era, at the height of regional conflicts in Indochina and the much feared ‘Domino Effect’ of Communism, Singapore learned to protect its national interest through diplomatic relations and foreign policies. Attested to numerous challenges of various nature, Singapore indeed has matured over the years from a sudden nation to an established sovereign state where we are today.

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