Touch Of Hope

Audio: English
Genre: Documentary

Gladys Tan - Severely burnt by hot metal sheet laid along pavement for construction work, 10-year-old Gladys Tan made headlines in local news of her suffering second to third-degree burns on her left cheek and limbs in the accident. A resilient warrior beyond her age, Galdys took frequent rounds of painful wound-cleansing in stride, and remains positive about possible scarring for life. Join her and the medical team on her journey to acceptance and recovery in the brand new KK Hospital series “Touch of Hope”. Emmanuel - 6 year-old Emmanuel is going to have a hearing-aid fitted to help him communicate with the world he had been oblivious to since birth. Oblivious to the disapproving stares from the public, Emmanuel often shouts at the top of his voice wherever he goes. Suffering from severe hearing impairment and learning disabilities, which is partly caused by Hydrocephalus (buildup of fluid inside the skull), Emmanuel has a shunt inserted in his head at the age of one to drain out the fluid. The stress of taking care of Emmanuel and two other boys proves to be too much for his mother, Madam Jayamalini to handle and she went into clinical depression when her marriage failed 5 year-ago. Madam Jayamalini receives regular treatment for her depression at KK Hospital’s Mental Wellness Clinic and she now sees hope that Emmanuel will be able to connect to the world outside with the help of hearing aid.

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