True Heroes 真心英雄

"True Heroes" revolves around the daily lives of a group of police officers and how they reflect the need to act cautiously and advance gradually in order to avoid taking the wrong path in life. The protagonist Junhao (Christopher Lee) is a righteous and courageous cop who was born into a family of police officers. Junhao graduated with top honours from the police academy and harbours the ambition to join the elite Criminal Investigation Department. He is sorely disappointed when he learns that he has been assigned to a neighbourhood police post. During a big fire, Junhao saves the life of an old lady, earning the adoration of the old lady's granddaughter, Irene (Yvonne Lim). Much to his despair, Irene tries to come between Junhao and his colleague-cum-love-interest, Kexin (Phyllis Quek). On the other hand, Junhao's colleague, Wang Feng (Allan Wu) is unable to get along with Junhao. However, Wang Feng changes his mind about Junhao when the latter saves him during a mission !

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