Tuesday Report: All In The Family 星期二特写 : 家庭兵团
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Audio: Chinese
Genre: Current Affairs, Documentary, Info-Ed

Under one roof: Each family has a unique story to tell. Tuesday Report presents an eight-episode feature about four families. In 1995, Tuesday Report produced the first series of "All in the Family" featuring enterprises that were handed down through the generations or were then starting out. The series looked at how these enterprises maintained close family ties while ensuring commercial successes. Twenty years on, while some have failed others are going strong and extended their reach overseas. How have some of these families faced the many challenges over time ? Are family ties still strong ? Tuesday Report revisits four of these families to look at what they have encountered over the years and their plans to ensure continued success. The new series will feature leading ornamental fish business - Qian Hu Corporation; orchid manufacturer - Toh Orchids; Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) chain with over 60 years of history - Chong Hoe; and the series finale meets the Tan family who are behind the Prime Supermarket chain.

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