Tuesday Report: Where We Connect S4 星期二特写: 生活气场 4
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Audio: Chinese
Genre: Current Affairs, Documentary, Info-Ed

Changi Village, also known to some as Changi Point, is located at the eastern tip of Singapore. With a costal line and an airport in close proximity, this place sits at a unique intersection of the land, sea and air. Before the 70s, Changi Village was also the military base of the British Army, giving rise to its colonial feel. As there are only 5 blocks of low rise HDB flats here, Changi Village during the weekdays is a far cry from its crowded weekend sight. The heart of the area is the Changi Village Hawker Centre with over 40 years of history. Boasting a total of 100 over stalls, many stall owners were here since its inception, for example 71-year-old Charlie Han, a familiar face here, how did he witness the change of times ? Why did two young women, Zen Chew and Leong Hoi Lam decide to become hawkers here ?

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