Under One Roof S6

Audio: English
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Sitcom

It's been one year since Paul and Anita got married. And it's great news again; Yusof is getting married - again ! His new bride is Ramona: besides being an avid amateur masseuse, she blends her own pure essential oils for sale and used to own a shop called "Ramonatherapy". She and the Tans meet for the first time and awkwardness ensues. Anita and Paul have been living with the Tans for a year now. Anita is becoming tired of the lack of privacy and wants their own digs. Paul finally agrees, but before they can decide on a flat to buy, Dolly purchases the flat next door without consulting them first, much to Anita's distress. Will Paul and Anita succumb to her wishes like obedient children, or is it time to make a stand ?

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