Under One Roof S7

Audio: English
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Sitcom

The lie - Yes, the poor economic conditions have not spared even our Ah Teck who, as a result, is feeling alittle on the downside. Yusof on the other hand, is high in spirit with the recent increase of people eating his mee rebus. His recent purchase of a new car brought his spirits even higher. However, Ah Teck soon snaps out of his depressive state when he finds himself hitting the right keys with the kids at the community centre with his Wong Brothers stories. This sudden change of mood leaves everyone wondering - could Dad be seeing another woman ? On the married front, Paul and Anita have to come clean when Dolly's excitement over her unborn grandchild is escalating. At the same time, Denise and Liam are taking their relationship seriously, and Denise is even thinking of going for a holiday with Liam though she's sure she would meet with strong objection from her conservative parents. And Ronnie's advice to her ? Lie.

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