Some Sexual References

Audio: Chinese
Genre: Drama, Romance, Thriller

Vicky takes part in a reality show “Fresh Off The Runway”, hoping to become a top model. The executive producer of the show, Cao Shi Ren hopes to create buzz in the media, and resorts to sending anonymous death threats to one of the contestants who happens to be Vicky. One thing leads to another, until one day she is accidentally electrocuted. The CEO of Victory Property, Victoria Lek happens to be visiting the set, gets entangled in the accident and ends up in Vicky’s body ! Her own body has gone missing ! She has no choice but to continue in Vicky’s body as a contestant in the reality show ... 一个是憧憬成为超级模特儿的年轻女子詹予柔;一个是叱咤商场,年届六旬的女强人Victoria。两人在予柔参加的模特儿真人秀,遭人陷害而发生意外。Victoria昏迷醒来,愕然发现自己的灵魂竟然附身在予柔的身体里,自己的躯体则不翼而飞。Victoria决定找出要杀害予柔的凶手,同时找回自己的躯体,于是她被迫以予柔的身份,继续参与真人秀比赛,从而展开一段新的人生旅程 ...

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