Welcome Home My Love 快乐一家

Episode 1: Retired Chief Editor Jiang Zhen Min who is widowered for 20 years brought up his 4 children on his own. The eldest son Bo Wen Works in bank, second son Bo Cong is a happy go lucky type of man, the eldest daughter Jia Ning is a TV show producer and the youngest daughter Jia Tong is the apple of her father’s eye and the joy of the family. While eldest son, Bo Wen takes advantage Zhen Min by moving in with him, second son Bo Cong gets retrenched at a time when his wife is pregnant. Elder daughter Jia Ning finally ties the knot after many years of single-hood, but her marriage is affected by disagreements with her in-laws. Youngest daughter Jia Tong falls in love with the wrong man and gets hurt emotionally, as the family rallies around her to get her out of her depression, they finally discover the importance of kinship. 第1集: 大清早,江家各人像往常一样忙着准备上班,振民一再叮囑儿女们今晚早点回家吃饭,但大伙都只是敷衍了事,只有小女儿佳彤记得今天是父亲振民的生日。 Vivien吵着要博文换新车,博文提醒Vivien要移民就得存钱,Vivien苦恼。 佳彤提醒哥哥姐姐今天是父亲的生日,大伙这才记起,连忙张罗礼物。另一边厢,振民拉着弟弟振东四处去给子女们买礼物,振东劝振民应多为自己着想,别只是顾着子女们。 振民满心期待的在家里等着儿女们回来一起吃饭庆祝生日,但迟迟不见人影,不禁有些失望。子女们好不容易赶回家里给振民送上生日礼物,没想到振民也细心地为大家准备了礼物,众子女感动不已。

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